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Griffins in the Community

Live Oak Retirement Home- Christmas Bingo

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The Book Club and CAPA Club partnered for a trip to Live Oak Retirement Home to play Christmas Bingo with the residents. This was such a fun and special time for our students and the residents of Live Oak! 

Live Oak Retirement Home- Valentine's Day

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The 4-H Club, CAPA Club, and Book Club partnered for a trip to celebrate Valentine's Day with the residents of Live Oak Retirement Home. The students square danced and created Valentine cards and scrapbook pages with the residents. Everyone had a WONDERFUL time!

"It felt so good to make their day! This is one trip I will never forget!" - Emily

"It made me even more happy when they asked me when I was coming back!"- Abby 

Veterans Cemetary 010.jpg Veterans Cemetary 027.jpg Veterans Cemetary 029.jpg Veterans Cemetary 040.jpg Veterans Cemetary 047.jpg Veterans Cemetary 052.jpg Veterans Cemetary 060.jpg

The North DeSoto Middle School Student Council attended a ceremony at the Northwest Louisiana Veterans' Cemetery in Keithville and helped lay Christmas wreaths on the graves of the service men and women. 

Veterans Day 212.jpg Veterans Day 209.jpg Veterans Day 204.jpg Veterans Day 202.jpg Veterans Day 197.jpg

Book Club and CAPA partnered for a community service trip to Live Oak Retirement Home. The students played Thanksgiving Bingo with the residents and handed out prizes. Everyone had a wonderful time! 

Book Club 244[1].jpg Book Club 252[1].jpg Book Club 256[1].jpg Book Club 259[1].jpg Book Club 261[1].jpg Book Club 266[1].jpg Book Club 274[1].jpg Book Club 299[1].jpg Book Club 304[1].jpg Book Club 308[1].jpg Book Club 321[1].jpg

Book Club and CAPA partnered for a Community Service Project in Mansfield. The students worked together to help landscape the Welcome To Mansfield sign on Highway 84. Great job, Griffins!! 

Shriner's Children's Hospital


The NDMS Book club and CAPA club partnered for a community service trip to Shriner's Hospital. The students read and did crafts with the patients! It was a wonderful experience!! 

Northwest Louisiana Food Bank- Food Drive

DSCN2474.jpg DSCN2476.jpg DSCN2479.jpg DSCN2481.jpg DSCN2482.jpg DSCN2493.jpg DSCN2495.jpg DSCN2496.jpg DSCN2499.jpg DSCN2503.jpg DSCN2511.jpg

NDMS students donated 918 canned food items to the Northwest Louisiana Food Bank! Great job Griffins!! 

Live Oak Retirement Home- Bicentennial Celebration

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The CAPA Club and Book Club partnered for a trip to Live Oak Retirement Home to celebrate Louisiana's Bicentennial. The students shared a Powerpoint of our trip to Melrose Plantation, recreated some of Clementine Hunter's artwork with the residents, performed a zydeco line dance, and the band students performed as a Louisiana style jazz band. Everyone had a WONDERFUL time!!